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Compensation contraception

BAREC wishes to provide clear guidance on the reimbursement of contraception-related expenses in the context of clinical trials, emphasizing the principle that sponsors should cover these costs when a participant is required to use contraception as part of the study protocol.

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BAREC statement race and ethnicity

The participants in a clinical trial should reflect the target population. Adequate reporting of race and ethnicity can potentially contribute to better understanding of cultural, social, and biological differences, enabling the identification of population groups disproportionately affected by certain diseases, along with genetic information collected from study participants.

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Final Advice Clinical studies with questionnaires

Clinical studies with questionnaires (outside SoC): Interventional vs non-interventional?

From BAREC, we give an advice on how to consider studies involving questionnaires (outside standard of care (SoC)) and which fall under the (Belgian) law of 7 May 2004 to be interventional or non-interventional.

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Medical Device Regulation (MDR): role local EC + timelines EC  

If the clinical investigation with a CE-marked medical device, that is used within its intended purpose, is not considered to be a PMCF, only positive advice from the relevant EC(s) is necessary and “Regulatory pathway: EC only” needs to be followed. The “Other clinical investigations” are regulated under the Royal Decree of 18 May 2021 and as such a timeline of 45 days is applicable to issue an EC-decision.

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ICF – Trial at a glance

On 3/9/2020, the general assembly of BAREC agrees on the following statement regarding the section “trial at a glance” of the ICF template for interventional clinical trials with IMP on adult patients:

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