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The Belgian Association of Research Ethics Committees is an initiative of the Belgian Ethics Committees involved in the evaluation and follow up of health related research projects.

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MDR Symposium

14/12/2021 During this meeting, representatives of the FAMHP and representatives of the BAREC working group on MDR will attempt to provide uniform answers to the questions that were raised by the...

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Renewal Barec Board

BAREC Board Elections 2021 According to the BAREC statutory articles, election of a new board will be held during the general assembly of 20/5/2021. More information.

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EMA CTIS training

Training is available from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on how to use the Clinical Trals Information System 5CTIS ahead of its planned launch. The training materials aim to help users comply...

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Symposium "Prenatal genetic screening anno 2022: medical advances and ethical challenges" organized by the Ethics Committee az groeninge. More info:   If you would like to read more about this,...

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BAREC General assembly (members only)          If you would like to read more about this, please consider becoming a Barec-member and acquire access to our member...

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Decentralized Trials 22/3/2022, 19:30  (online) symposium on the legal and ethical challenges concerning decentralized trials. For more info contact info@barec.be          ...

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Evaluation of Biobanks

The BAREC workgroup on biobanks gave some more insights in the biannual evaluation of the biobanks during an online information session organised by BAREC and BBMRI.be  READ MORE: BAREC en BBMRI.be...

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