Workgroup “Biobank & GDPR”

Objective: to achieve consensus within BAREC about interpretation and concrete implementation of the current legislations.

(in consultation with the Working Group on Biobanks of the FAMHP).

Workgroup “Medical devices”

Objective: to work on the translation of the new European law Text (new regulation on clinical investigations) into national legislation.

(in consultation with the FAMHP).

Workgroup “Remaining part of the law on experiments dd 07/05/2004”

Objective: to work on the revision of the law of 07/05/2004 regarding experiments on human beings (remaining part after implementation of the European regulation on clinical trial and on medical device.)

Workgroup “Harmonisation of the Ethics Committees’ daily practice”

Objective: to streamline procedures and daily work of our ethics committees.


Workgroup “Decentralized trials “

Objective: The WG aims to investigate legal and ethical aspects of the decentralized approach of clinical trials and will try to answer following questions:  are decentralized clinical trials acceptable? if yes, what kind and under which conditions?