To support and assist Belgian Ethics Committees involved in health care, in particular Ethics Committees involved in the evaluation of health-related research involving human subjects, material or data.
In this way, the association aims to improve the protection of human subjects in all aspects of above mentioned health-related research

To provide the Ethics Committees with information and training in order to support and facilitate their work, enhance the quality of their review and develop a common basis for coherent evaluation of research

To stimulate debates on relevant topics and mutual exchanges of knowledge and expertise between Ethics Committees and to develop common actions in order to realise the objectives of the association

To promote dialogue and cooperation with any other partner or organisation that might contribute to improve the quality of research and the protection of the research participant

To represent the above mentioned Ethics Committees on various platforms and to give them a voice among the various stakeholders involved in research

To promote and protect the role of Ethics Committees in research, in particular in the protection of the research participant