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BAREC Meeting 30/11/2019  The next BAREC meeting will take place on Saturday 30 November 2019 AM. The meeting will mainly be dedicated to the presentation of the work of the BAREC workgroups (see section “workgroups” on this website).

Accreditation for economics and ethics has been applied for. 

09:00 Welcome // News from the association.   Christel Vansteenkiste, UZ Brussel, board member, Prof. dr. Jean-Marie Maloteaux, UCL, board member, Dr S. Graux, board member 
09:20 BAREC WG Biobanks. Proposal for a common checklist for the evaluation of biobanks by the ethics committees.  Dr. Pieter Moons, UZA 
10:00 BAREC WG Remaining part of the law on experiments dd 7/5/2004. Issues with regard to the revision of the law.  Angélique Rézer, UZ Leuven  
10:40 ***Break***
11:10 BAREC WG Harmonisation of the Ethics Committee’s daily practices. Workflow for multicentric trials.    Evelien Claes, UZ Leuven 
11:50 BAREC WG Medical devices. Implementation of de MDR in the Belgian legislation. Audrey Van Scharen, UZ Brussel 
12:30 Conclusion

LOCATION:  UCL WoluwéAuditoire central Maisin

REGISTRATION: The meeting is free for the members but registration is requested through following link: 

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